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Corporate Profile of China Science Publishing & Media Ltd.

  China Science Publishing & Media Ltd has been incorporated from Science Press which was founded in August 1954 through the merger of two organizations: Compilation & Translation Bureau of Chinese Academy of Sciences and the then well-known Longmen United Publishers set up in the 1930s. In August 1993, the Longmen brand came to be reused as one of the imprints of Science Press. In April 2007, Science Press was converted into Science Press Ltd which, having completed transformation of shareholding system, was then incorporated into China Science Publishing & Media Ltd (hereinafter called the Company). On 18th January 2017, the Company was officially listed on the main board of Shanghai Stock Exchange, with its stock name being 中国科传, or in English: China Science Media, and the stock code 601858. This listing is the first of its kind in the central publishing groups.  

  Over the past years since its establishment, the Company has formed fine traditions and styles which boil down to: “High Standard”, “High Level”, “High Quality”and “Seriousness”, “Rigorousness”, “Strictness”.  Inheriting and continuously sticking to these traditions and styles, the Company has always been committed to serving sci-tech innovation, serving both scientists and readers in general, and disseminating and popularizing scientific knowledge. Having two advantageous “brands”to use, namely, Chinese Academy of Sciences and “Scientists’Publisher”, the Company fully taps fine publishing resources both at home and abroad, attaches great importance to building important large-scale publishing projects and has formed its own business frameworks with STMEH as the main publishing areas. 

  The Company has 21 subsidiaries or branches such as Science China Press Ltd, Beijing Longtengbafang Culture Ltd and Beijing Zhongke I/E Company. These subsidiaries or branches are distributed in Chengdu, Wuhan, Nanjing, Xi’an, Shijiazhuang, Shenyang and Guangzhou as well as in foreign countries such as the USA and Japan. Since its founding in 1954, the Company, in the span of over 60 years, has published 40000 titles of books and 300 titles of journals, and has formed a complete publishing and distributing network. As the “National Team”in China’s sci-tech publishing industry, the Company has been developing along with the development of New China’s science and technology, witnessing and recording New China’s developments and achievements in science and technolgy.  

  Being a stronghold for China’s sci-tech publishing, the Company has created constellations of important publishing projects. 90 titles have been selected for inclusion in the National Key Publishing Planning Projects for the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan”and 34 titles (the first batch) have been selected for inclusion in the National Key Publishing Planning Projects for the “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan”, the number of titles included in these two projects being the most in the country; there are also 22 titles which have been chosen for being funded by National Publishing Foundation; since 1997, 11 titles and achievements have been successively granted National Scientific Progressive Award, this number is also the highest among publishers in China; since 2006 when State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television of the PRC launched the Original Publications Project known as “Three One-Hundred”, 15 titles have been selected for inclusion in this Project for 4 consecutive sessions, again, the number puts the Company on top of the list of China’s publishers sequenced by the number of their titles included in the Project. 

  The Company owns a number of national key journals such as Science China Press and Science Bulletin (collectively called “Two Journals”for short) and National Science Review. Of these journals, National Science Review is a high-end comprehensive academic journal whose latest impact factor reaches 8.843, comfortably ranking fifth among multi-disciplinary comprehensive journals in the world. In addition, the Company also owns a variety of other high-level and high-quality journals. Currently, the Company publishes more than 300 titles of journals per year, of which 70 are in English language, 47 are included in Science Citation Index, 53 are included in EI. Therefore, the Company’s journal portfolio is also honored as the “National Team”in China’s sci-tech journal publishing area. 

  Since 1982, the Company has always come to the fore in all the successive sessions of events appraising and choosing excellent sci-tech books and journals. In 1993, the Company was honored “Excellent Publisher in China”along with other first-batch title-holders given the same honor. Since 2007 when State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television of the PRC launched the “Government Award for China Publishing”, the Company has been granted many such awards in such sub-categories as “Leading Publishing Organization Award”, “Book Award”and“Journal Award”, 23 awards in total. Of these awards, 11 are book awards and the number puts the Company on top of the list of Chinese publishers who won the same kind of award. In 2009, the Company was honored the title of “National Top-Hundred Publishers”and since then, the Company has been honored for many consecutive years with the title of “Leading Organization in Carrying out Cultural System Transformation in China”jointly awarded by Publicity Department of the CPC, Ministry of Culture and State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television. In March 2015, the Company was awarded the title of “The Capital’s Civilized Organization”by the Capital Spiritual Civilization Promoting Committee.  

  Responding actively to the Government’s strategic call of Chinese Culture Going Global or “Going Out” for short, the Company has been committed to pushing forward the “Going Out”work, having established long-term and friendly relationship with more than 100 other publishing companies in dozens of countries and regions, with its international publishing business effectively expanded. In recent years, the Company has always been standing within the first three places on the list of all Chinese publishers and simply the first among the Chinese sci-tech publishers in terms of the number of titles licensed to overseas. The Company has also been honored with the following awards: “Leading Organization in Copyright Export”, “the Most Influential Enterprise in Copyright Trade”(in 2008), “National Exemplary Organization in Copyright Trade”(in 2015), and “National Key Enterprise in Making Chinese Culture Global”which was won for many successive years.  

  Riding the transformation waves of digitalization in publishing industry, the Company is boldly making innovations, has determined a strategic path of transforming traditional publishing to knowledge service and has set three major business orientations for such transformation and upgrading, i.e. disciplinary knowledge bank, medical and health big-data and cloud services for digital education. The Company has turned out successively a variety of knowledge-service products such as: “Science Library”, “Cloud Platform for Education”called “CourseGate”, “Zhongke Medical Resouorces”, “International Disseminating Platform for Chinese Sci-Tech Journals” called “SciEngine”. Of these products, “SciEngine”has been shor-listed for the “Top-30 List of Media Integration Innovation of National Newspapers & Magazines”. “Science Library”has been granted “Audio-visual Electronic Network Award in the Second Session of the “China Publishing Government Award”. In 2015, State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television awarded the Company “Pilot Organization for Knowledge Service Mode of Professional Digital Content Resources. 

  The Company will further deepen its reform, create new publishing forms, gather high-quality content resources, accelerate the pace of industry transformation and upgrading, push forward the integrative development of science, technology and culture, build the “Flagship of China’s Sci-Tech Publishing”, strive to become the backbone force in the country’s system-innovation and knowledge dissemination, and make still greater contributions to opening up new prospect of China’s sci-tech publishing industry and promoting sci-tech exchanges and collaborations between China and the rest of the world.