With the efforts of several generations of our science publishers since the founding of Science Press more than 60 years ago, a great deal of classic academic monographs with time-transgressive values have been published and the famous publishing brand—科学出版社(Science Presshas been forged. Below is the brand we have been using: 


  For domestically-distributed publications, we use: 



  For overseas-distributed publications, we use:  



  Since 1982, the Company has always come to the fore in all the successive sessions of events appraising and choosing excellent sci-tech books and journals. In 1993, the Company was honored “Excellent Publisher in China”along with other first-batch title-holders given the same honor. Since 2007 when State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television of the PRC launched the “Government Award for China Publishing”, the Company has been granted many such awards in such sub-categories as “Leading Publishing Organization Award”, “Book Award”and“Journal Award”, 23 awards in total. Of these awards, 11 are book awards and the number puts the Company on top of the list of Chinese publishers who won the same kind of award. In 2009, the Company was honored the title of “National Top-Hundred Publishers”and since then, the Company has been honored for many consecutive years with the title of “Leading Organization in Carrying out Cultural System Transformation in China”jointly awarded by Publicity Department of the CPC, Ministry of Culture and State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television. In March 2015, the Company was awarded the title of “The Capital’s Civilized Organization”by the Capital Spiritual Civilization Promoting Committee. The Company has also been honored with the following awards: “Leading Organization in Copyright Export”, “the Most Influential Enterprise in Copyright Trade”(in 2008), “National Exemplary Organization in Copyright Trade”(in 2015), and “National Key Enterprise in Making Chinese Culture Global”which was won for many successive years.